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The Haematology Department covers the disciplines of haematology, transfusion science and immunology. Haematology is the study of blood. Scientists in this discipline are involved in the formation, composition, functions and diseases of the blood. Transfusion science is the discipline where scientists identify blood groups and ensure that the correct blood group is matched for donation. They also manage the storage and issue of specialised blood products needed for the treatment and support of various conditions.

Immunology is the discipline where scientists deal with conditions of the body’s immune system and its role in the auto-immune conditions. The department works closely with teaching hospitals to investigate rarer aspects of immunology. Haematology also provides a team within the pathology department, who produce technical information to support medical pathologists to assess and treat conditions within haematology, transfusion science and immunology.

Meet the team

The consultant haematologist team consists of Dr Sylvia Feyler, Dr Kate Rothwell, Dr Wunna Swe, Nwe Oo. The team manage a wide range of haematological disease, with the exception of paediatric malignancies, and cover both inpatient and outpatient haematology. Both outpatient haematology departments have the expertise of clinical nurse specialist in haematology – Trish Price at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Rebekah Ramsden at the Calderdale Royal Hospital. And Nurse Practitioner Sarah Mettrick. Trish and the teams of staff nurses and healthcare assistants run nurse-led clinics relating to their specialty. The haematology outpatient clinics are also supported by our our dedicated reception and secretarial staff.

Name Special Interests
Dr FeylerConsultant Haematologist
Dr RothwellConsultant Haematologist
Dr SweConsultant Haematologist
Dr OoConsultant Haematologist


The Calderdale Royal Hospital outpatient haematology department (based on the Macmillan Unit) can be contacted on 01422 222668.

The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary outpatient haematology department can be contacted on 01484 342683.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Enter the hospital via the main front entrance and proceed into the main reception area. Turn left and walk through the café and into the outpatient corridor. Take the lift or stairs down to basement level and turn left. Walk past the blood collection counter on the left and take the next left. Walk on past the blood collection waiting room, and the haematology reception room is the next room on the left. Pay and display parking is located at the front of the hospital.

Calderdale Royal Hospital

The outpatient haematology services are based in the Macmillan Unit. Pay and display parking is located at the front of the hospital. The Macmillan unit has an entrance at the left hand side of the hospital when facing the building from the car park.