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Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Unit in Calderdale provides care for the preterm and sick new-born babies of Calderdale and Kirklees. The unit has level two status, which means it can deliver intensive, high dependency and special care for babies born at 27 weeks of gestation and above. We also have the facilities to provide cooling for local babies and where appropriate babies from neighbouring areas. The unit has 24 cots, of these 3 are for intensive care,3 for high dependency care and 18 for special care. The unit works closely with the other neonatal units in the area through the local neonatal network and continuously strives to keep its practice up to date.  There is regular investment in new equipment including ventilators, infusion pumps and the environment and parental feedback is regularly sought and acted on. 

The unit is covered by the neonatal Consultants through a ‘Consultant of the week system’ and the ‘Consultant of the week’ is responsible for patient care during their on call week. They are supported by junior doctors and our advanced neonatal nurse practitioners and the unit has close links to other professions for specialist support if required. Alongside the medical team a variety of staff work together to provide the neonatal service. There is a team of highly qualified and experienced nurses, Neonatal Nurse practitioners working alongside Family Support assistants, ward clerk and Housekeepers. All Staff trained specifically in neonatal care who provide the hands on care the babies and parents require. They are supported by a team of ward clerks, housekeepers and domestic staff who are essential in ensuring the unit 

runs effectively and that the environment is suitable for the care of small vulnerable babies. 

Clinical Director Eilean Crosbie 01422 224163

General Manager Gill Harries 01422 224338

Neonatal Lead Consultants Karin Schwarz & Eilean Crosbie 01422 224163

Lead Nurse Neonates and Maternity Lois Mellor 01422 222122

Ward Manager Sister Wendy Kilner 01422 224344

How to access the unit

Access to the unit is through the Women’s and Children’s Entrance, Lift 5, Floor two then follow the directions for the Neonatal unit. The unit is located in close proximity to the delivery suite and postnatal wards.

Unit telephone number 01422 224102

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