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Baby friendly initiative

The Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) has allowed the ward to promote the ‘10 steps to breastfeeding' whilst ensuring that the staff adhere to research based practice for doing this. We offer maximum support surrounding choice of feeding by either breast or bottle and employ the use of cup feeding if mothers aren't available to breast feed. We also have a lactation consultant within the maternity department, Marilyn Rogers, who is available for advice and support for staff and mothers. As part of her role, she has set up and runs a Baby Café is a weekly drop in centre of excellence for breastfeeding information, help and support.  

It is designed for anyone who is breast feeding and for pregnant women who are interested in knowing more about breastfeeding. Marilyn is supported by midwives, health visitors and support workers with specialist skills in breastfeeding. 

We have moved from Baby Ballet in Halifax to a new location, starting from the 27th June 2019. 

Baby Café is now held every Thursday 12-14.00 hrs.

Central Library & Archive
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