Body Matters

In response to patient feedback on our iHOPE courses, we are introducing a new virtual support session in 2022 called ‘Body Matters,’ as a safe space to begin to talk about sex and cancer, body image, menopause etc

In a Macmillan survey, 72% of respondents said cancer had affected their sexual relationship, with two thirds of these people feeling they couldn't talk to their GPs about it. Sexuality can be difficult to talk about but health professionals, such as nurse specialists, can give you help and advice.

Sexuality, identity and intimacy are very personal matters and mean different things to different people. Sexuality is not just about sex but more about how we view ourselves, our sexual identity and how we interact with others on an intimate level. It is not just about being in a relationship but how we feel about ourselves.

Many people find it difficult to talk about very personal and intimate issues. You may find it embarrassing to talk about how cancer has affected sex or intimacy, either with your partner or with healthcare professionals. Remember that most healthcare professionals are used to dealing with issues about sex and intimacy, talking to someone is the first step in dealing with any problems you are having.

When are these sessions?

Our Body Matters sessions will happen every other month, on the last Monday of the month, 2pm til 3/3.30pm on Microsoft Teams.

The first couple of sessions on Monday 31st January and Monday 28th March, will look at an ‘Introduction to intimacy through life and after a cancer diagnosis’ and we will be joined by Julie Hoole, psychosexual therapist and Macmillan professional for both sessions, as well as Angela Khan, urology cancer specialist nurse, who runs an andrology clinic, for the March session.

Our session on 13th June aims to look at menopause.

Please follow the link below to book a place at any of our Body Matters sessions. For further information about the sessions, please contact the Macmillan Information and Support Service – 01422 222709, 01484 343614 or email

Further information

The Macmillan website has lots of useful information about sex and cancer please click here to access the Macmillan website which will open in a new page. You can download booklets about sex and cancer and access further information and support.