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Health & Wellbeing Events

Health & Wellbeing Events are run four times as year for people at the end of cancer treatment, as part of your cancer recovery and rehabilitation package. The purpose of the event is to support you to live a healthy lifestyle following cancer/cancer treatment.

The event will involve discussing various aspects of living with and beyond cancer that may be important in ensuring that you move forward and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not currently offering Health and Wellbeing Events as face to face meetings, but instead we are running the events online via Microsoft Teams. You will need to use a computer/laptop with a webcam and microphone, a tablet or smartphone which has access to the internet.

The dates of our virtual Health and Wellbeing Events in 2021 are:

Wednesday 5th May

Thursday 9th September

Tuesday 7th December

All events start online at 10am and finish at 2.30pm, with breaks included.

There will be a range of talks and workshops, including the benefits of physical activity, managing the emotional effects of cancer, diet/sleep/fatigue, how the Macmillan Information Service can support you and community support after treatment.

There will also be a specific session with your clinical team to look at managing the consequences of treatment/side effects and symptoms to look out for in the future. Family members are very welcome and are encouraged to attend.

Please book a place directly by clicking here.

You will be asked to complete a consent form first and will then receive a booking email.

If you have any problems booking, please contact the Macmillan Information Service on 01484 343614, 01422 222709 or or Heather Milner, Cancer Team Secretary on 01484 343490 or