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The literal translation of orthopaedics is “straight child” (from ortho – straight, and paed – child). The speciality of orthopaedics is concerned with musculoskeletal disorders, i.e. bones, joints and muscles. The orthopaedic unit at Hudderfield Royal Infirmary cares for adults who have had accidents or falls leading to broken bones. The unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital cares for adults who are awaiting planned surgery, such as hip or knee replacements. Visiting times at The Elective Orthopaedic Unit at The Calderdale Royal Hospital and The Trauma Unit at The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary are between 10am until 8pm each day.

As per Trust policy we promote Protected Mealtimes for our patients so we ask that you kindly refrain from visiting during these times unless you have arranged with the Ward Sister to assist your relative with their dietary requirements. Whilst we encourage open visiting please  be aware that medical, nursing and therapy care is a priority and you may be asked to leave for a short period whilst such care is undertaken. Visiting is restricted to 2 visitors per bed at any one time. Planned and emergency surgery is undertaken on a daily basis and patients must be allowed to rest following their surgery and we ask that you kindly respect this when you are visiting. Children are welcome to visit but please ensure that for your child’s safety and the safety of our patients and staff that you remain responsible for them during their visit. 

Discharge planning

You will be given an estimated date of discharge when you are admitted. This will be reviewed by staff on a daily basis and discussed with you. If you have any concerns regarding your discharge please speak to a member of staff. It is also important to discuss your discharge from hospital with your family and/or friends and inform them of your estimated date of discharge. Some patients may be discharged with assistance from rehabilitation or rapid response teams.

Where to find us

The orthopaedic unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital has 26 beds on wards 8A and 8B. The unit is located on level three. To access these units, enter the hospital through the main entrance and go to level three in lift 1(this lift is located in the main foyer). The ward can be found to your left as you leave the lift. Parking can be found in the main car park in front of the hospital. The orthopaedic unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has 60 beds which are located on wards 19a 19b 20a and 20b on level three. To access the wards enter the hospital through the main entrance and follow the corridor past the shop towards ward 11, get the lift to level three. Parking can be found in the main car park in front of the hospital.

Who to contact to find out more

Karen Melling, Matron Elective Orthopaedic Services, 

Calderdale Royal Hospital Tel: 01422 223139

Jan Carter, Matron Trauma and Orthopaedics,

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Tel: 01484 347088

Meet the team

Each ward has its own ward sister and a designated number of qualified staff and nursing auxiliaries including ward clerks, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers. A ward manager who has overall responsibility for the staff and patients oversees each unit. There are two orthopaedic matrons, one at each hospital. The matrons have responsibility in ensuring that high standards of clinical care is provided and maintained for every patient and to ensure that staff are supported to deliver this care on a daily basis. If you would like to speak to a matron regarding any aspect of care delivery; whether this is to raise a concern, provide valuable feedback or to deliver a compliment then please speak to the ward staff who can arrange this. Alternatively they can be contacted on a mobile telephone via the hospital switchboard.

The unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital has been awarded second stage practice development unit accreditation by the University of Leeds. This means that the unit encourages staff development and make sure changes on the unit are for the best interests of the patients. The unit continually strives to improve the care that it gives and is very proud to be the first orthopaedic unit in Yorkshire to be awarded practice development unit accreditation. The consultants work at both hospitals, each has a special interest as detailed below.

Consultants: The consultants work at both hospitals, each has a special interest; most of them care for general orthopaedic conditions.


Mr AnkrathUpper limb surgery
Mr BrookeLower Limb surgery
Professor ChakrabartyKnee Surgeon
Miss DeansHand Surgery
Mr DimriLower Limb and Hand Surgery
Mr FogertyUpper Limb Surgery
Mr GeorgeLower Limb Surgery and Hand Surgery
Mr HalderHand Surgery
Mr McWilliamsLower Limb Surgery
Mr MetcalfLower Limb surgery
Mr MuraliSpinal surgery
Mr ParkerLower Limb surgery
Mr PenningtonUpper Limb surgery
Mr ShenolikarFoot and ankle surgery
Mr SiddiquiKnee surgeon
Mr SidhomLower limb surgery
Mr SturdeeFoot and Ankle Surgery
Mr WalshKnee Surgeon 
Mr WellsFoot and Ankle Surgery