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The hip joint is a very stable joint, where the thigh bone meets the pelvis. The hip joint is one of the largest joint within the human body and bears a lot of our body weight.

Common pathologies causing pain and dysfunction around the hip are as follows:

Hip Osteoarthritis:- Osteoarthritis is a natural aging process (like grey hair or wrinkles). The hip is the second most common joint to be affected by arthritis. It commonly causes pain in the groin, thigh and outer hip.

Lateral hip pain:- Pain on the outer aspect of the hip is a common problem in any age group. It is usually caused by a combination of degeneration and weakness of the tendons and muscles that attach on to the outer hip. 

Tendinopathy:-Tendons attach muscles to bones. Tendons around the hip that sometimes become irritated are the proximal hamstring tendons (the muscles at the back of the thigh attaching into the sitting bone) or the adductor tendons (the muscles on the inner thigh attaching to the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis)

Young Hip is often caused by bony abnormalities that occur at birth or during early infant development. This can be known as hip dysplasia. Pain associated with hip impingement and labral pathology can also become a problem for young people with or without hip dysplasia.

Often hip pain responds well to simple advice and self- management. Follow the links below for further information on how to manage these common problems