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Podiatry Services

We are a team of 35 Podiatrists (24 whole time equivalent), supported by 7 Podiatry Assistants. Using a range of assessments, treatments and self management advice we work towards achieving optimum foot health, based on the clinical and medical need of our patients. All of our Podiatrists are registered and regulated by the ‘Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)’

Is your therapist registered with the HCPC?

What do we do?

Following referral from a consultant, doctor, nurse or other health care professional, new patients are seen for assessment for appropriate treatment of their problem.

Note: for current waiting times please contact the nearest main clinic as detailed below.

At the first appointment the podiatrist will ask patients about their relevant medical history and medications and examine their feet. A treatment plan and goals will be agreed and the patient offered treatment relevant to their needs.

Our range of services across the district includes:

  • New patient assessments.
  • Diabetic foot assessment, education and treatment.
  • Emergency, dressing and wound care clinics with management of high-risk feet.
  • General treatment clinics, which include intensive treatments.
  • Biomechanical assessments and orthotic manufacture and shoe clinics.
  • Rheumatology, sports and orthopaedic clinics.
  • Nail surgery.
  • Hospital outpatient and diabetic clinics.
  • Hospital ward visits.
  • Child health clinics.
  • Basic foot care clinics.
  • Home visits and care in residential homes.
  • Health promotion.

Where to find us

Our services are delivered from several main bases and a variety of smaller Community Health Centres, GP surgeries and hospital sites.

How to contact us

How to contact us

Routine Appointments and changes to appointments.

Tel: 0800 0158 222 or 01484 355370

New Patient self referrals

Tel: 01422 355626

General Enquiries/Emergencies 

Tel: 01422 261313

Meet the team

Podiatry assistants

Our assistants are experienced in providing basic foot care for patients with medical need. They also carry out screening examinations in GP surgeries for patients with Diabetes.

Orthotic technician

Our orthotic technician manufactures high quality appliances and orthotics to the podiatrists’ prescriptions to help alleviate pain and resolve problems.


Podiatrists provide the range of services as listed above with some staff specialising in:

  • Diabetes
  • Biomechanics
  • Nail Surgery
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports related foot problems.