Research and Development

Research is essential to the successful promotion and protection of health and well-being, and also to modern and effective health services. The Trust’s Research and Development (R&D) Department supports researchers in the delivery of the Trust’s Research Strategy focusing on the following:


To ensure all R&D work contributes to NHS priorities, National, Regional and local and conforms to NHS Research Governance requirements, including registration and monitoring.


To raise the profile of the Trust, both internally and externally as an organisation that hosts and conducts high quality R&D that contributes to the knowledge base. To ensure that research and development is integrated into the business of the Trust and complies with corporate governance arrangements.


To ensure that all staff have an awareness of research and development terminology and methods in order that they can utilise research to inform their practice. To ensure they have a sound knowledge of requirements for research in the Trust.

Competency & Training

To encourage those staff in all professional groupings who wish to take part in research. To ensure that they have appropriate competencies and support for both qualitative and quantitative research. This includes access to training in research skills when necessary.


To ensure that research generated within the Trust is of high quality, utilises appropriate methodologies, is properly monitored and has generalisable results that are suitable for publication in peer reviewed or specialist journals. To encourage such publication, dissemination and other initiatives to get research into practice.

Creating a Supportive Environment

To ensure that networks exist within the Trust for researchers to collaborate, develop ideas and support each other. To develop communication networks to inform of research projects being undertaken and to create an atmosphere which encourages and supports individual researchers as well as those who wish to utilise research to inform practice.

Partnership & Funding

To develop and utilise lasting links with academic partners and regional, national and international healthcare providers. To work with partners to attract funding for research and development via the NHS funding schemes, regional, charitable and commercial sources.

The R&D Department acts as a point of contact for researchers both within and outside the Trust in how to undertake research at the Trust, we are also a point of contact for patients or members of the public who may be interested in finding out more about the research we conduct here or how to take part.