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Covid Research


The aim of this study is to determine if prior SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID 19) infection in health care workers confers future immunity to re-infection.  The study is being led by Public Health England with many participating NHS Trusts across England, including CHFT.

Principal Investigator: Dr Gavin Boyd


The purpose of this CCP-UK study into the COVID-19 disease to better understand its spread and behaviour by analysing biological samples and data from patients with confirmed cases of the disease across the UK.

Principal Investigator: Dr Huw Masson


A Randomised Evaluation of COVID Therapy trial testing if existing drugs can help patients hospitalised with confirmed COVID-19.

Principal Investigator: Dr Purav Desai

UKOSS: Pandemic Influenza in Pregnancy

Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes of Pandemic Influenza in Pregnancy.  Anonymous information will be collected through the existing UK Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) reporters.

Principal Investigator: Dr Julie Goddard

Pan-COVID: Pregnancy & Neonatal Outcomes in COVID-19

A global registry of women with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy and their neonates; understanding natural history to guide treatment and prevention.

Principal Investigator: Dr Julie Goddard

MERMAIDS: Multicentre EuRopean study of MAjor Infectious Disease Syndromes

Pathogens causing acute respiratory infections (ARI) are among the most likely candidates to cause the next pandemic.  We need to better understand why some people become much more ill than others when they have an ARI.

Principal Investigator: Dr Rehan Naseer

GenOMICC: Genetics of susceptibility and mortality in critical care

Susceptibility to COVID-19 is almost certainly, in part, genetic.  GenOMICC can find the genes that cause susceptibility, which may help us to prioritise treatments to respond to the global crisis.

Principal Investigator: Dr Ross Kitson

HEAL Covid

HElping Alleviate the Longer-term consequences of COVID-19 (HEAL-COVID): a national platform trial. 

Principal Investigator: Dr Anneka Biswas

CCP-Cancer UK

Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infections in the UK (CCP-UK) – a prospective companion study for patients with Cancer and COVID-19.

Principal Investigator: Dr Sam Turnbull

Sign-up to the NHS Coronavirus Vaccine Registry

Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases.

They're designed so they do not give people the infection they're protecting against.

Research into vaccines is the only way to find out which vaccines will work. Researchers need people to take part in their studies so they can find out which possible new vaccine works best.

On this page you can sign up to be contacted about taking part in approved UK coronavirus vaccine studies. This means you'll be joining the COVID-19 vaccine research registry.

If you sign up to be contacted about vaccine studies, only researchers on studies approved by NIHR will be able to contact you.

There are strict rules on safety and confidentiality that all health research, including vaccine studies, must follow.

To sign up to the online NHS Coronavirus Vaccine Registry click here