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Current Research

The types of research currently undertaken at the Trust are varied, from complex clinical trials, qualitative health service research, registries, post-marketing surveillance to trainee doctors and students doing low risk, own account studies. Much of this research has been adopted by the National Institute of Health Research (approx 90%) with a small number of commercial/pharmaceutical (independent of NIHR) making up the rest.

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust have suspended recruitment on a number of their studies. 

Please view the sections below giving status for each research study at Calderdale & Huddersfield Foundation Trust.

Cancer Research


ROSCO: Response to Optimal Selection of neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy in Operable breast cancer: A randomised phase III, stratified biomarker trial of neo­adjuvant 5-Fluorouracil, Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide vs Docetaxel and Cyclophphamide chemotherapy.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Jo Dent

ONCOTYPE DX: The impact of the Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay on treatment decisions in a UK population of patients with Estrogen Receptor-Positive Early Breast Cancer with 1-3 Positive Lymph Nodes, who are potential candidates for chemotherapy, but for whom the benefits of chemotherapy are uncertain.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Jo Dent

PRIMETIME: Post-operative avoidance of radiotherapy in minimal risk women: patient selection using biomarkers.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mr Neil Roberts

EeMonarcHER: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 3 Study of Abemaciclib plus Standard Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Participants with High-Risk, Node-Positive, HR+, HER2+ Early Breast Cancer Who Have Completed Adjuvant HER2-Targeted Therapy.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Jo Dent

ATNEC: A randomised trial investigating the requirement for axillary treatment, after chemotherapy, for patients with early stage breast cancer.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Werbena Hamilton-Burke


YCRBCIP: Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme. Does intensive multidisciplinary team intervention improve bowel cancer outcomes in Yorkshire?

Principal Investigator (PI): Ms Paula Pickersgill 

VODECA: This case controlled study is aiming to investigate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) associated with adenomas and early colorectal cancer (CRC) ultimately developing a panel of VOCs that can be used to select patients for colonoscopy to improve detection of colorectal neoplasia and reduce deaths from colon cancer.

Principal Investigator (PI): Ms Tracy Wood

OnCoRe: Oncological Outcomes after Clinical Complete Response (cCR) in patients with rectal cancer.

Principal Investigator (PI): Miss Tamsyn Grey

AMPHI-EPI: AREG, EREG and EGFR: response to anti-EGFR agents in colorectal cancer

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Nick Brown

Emergency Care

SHED: Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in the Emergency Department.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Huw Masson


PRECISION-Panc: Advancing personalised medicine treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Emma Rathbone

PRIMUS 001: An adaptive phase II study of FOLFOX-A (FOLFOX and nab-paclitaxel) versus AG (nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine) in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer, with integrated biomarker evaluation.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Emma Rathbone

IBD BioResource: The Inflammatory Bowel Disease BioResource: Progressing from Genetics to Function and Clinical Translation in Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sun Sonwalker


RANGO: Rare Neoplasms of Gynaecological Origin A study of specified rare gynaecological cancers to facilitate in-depth analysis of their clinical and biological behaviours leading to a greater understanding of mechanisms of disease progression and response to treatment, possibly also applicable to common tumours.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Deivasikamani Ramanujam


CML Registry: The study programme to investigate modern trends in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Kate Rothwell

FLAIR: This is a phase III, multicentre, randomised, controlled, open, parallel group trial in patients with previously untreated CLL.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Kate Rothwell

MDS Registry for newly diagnosed patients: A prospective, multicentre European Registry for newly diagnosed patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes of IPSS low and intermediate-1 subtypes

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Kate Rothwell

Myeloma XII (ACCoRd trial) Version 1.0: A phase III study to determine the role of ixazomib as an Augmented Conditioning therapy in salvage autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) and as a post-ASCT Consolidation and maintenance strategy in patients with Relapsed multiple myeloma.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sylvia Feyler

MYELOMA XIV (FITNESS): A phase III trial to compare standard and frailty-adjusted induction therapy with ixazomib, lenalidomide and dexamethasone (IRD) and maintenance lenalidomide (R) to lenalidomide plus ixazomib (R+I)

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sylvia Feyler

RADAR (UK-MRA Myeloma XV): Risk-Adapted therapy Directed According to Response comparing treatment escalation and de-escalation strategies in newly diagnosed patients with multiple myeloma (NDMM) suitable for stem cell transplant (TE).

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sylvia Feyler

MIRTHRIDATE: A phase III, randomised, open-label, Multicenter International Trial comparing ruxolitinib with either HydRoxycarbamIDe or interferon Alpha as first line ThErapy for high risk polycythemia vera.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sylvia Feyler



STAMPEDE: Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Uschi Hofmann

Other Cancers

ACTICCA—1: Adjuvant chemotherapy with gemcitabine and cisplatin compared to standard of care after curative intent resection of cholangiocarcinoma and muscle invasive gallbladder carcinoma (ACTICCA-1 trial)

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Emma Rathbone

ICI Genetics: Identification of genetic factors that predispose to immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity.  Participants recruited from all forms of cancer. 

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Emma Rathbone

Other Specialty Research


EVAREST: The use of blood biomarkers, including Extracellular Vesicles, to improve the diagnostic accuracy of cardiac assessment by stress echocardiogram.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Jeremy Butts


PRED 4: Predicting serious drug side effects in gastroenterology.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Sunil Sonwalker

Gynaecology & Obstetric

The BIG BABY Trial: Induction of labour for predicted macrosomia.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Julie Goddard

OASI2: A hybrid effectiveness implementation RCT to inform scale up of care bundle to reduce obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASI) caused during childbirth.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Anadeb Acharyya

Health Service & Delivery Research

OPTIMAL: Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS) in end of life care: evaluating their implementation and optimising future service provision.

Principal Investigator (PI): Ms Jeena Ackroyd

FALLS: Practices of falls risk assessment and prevention in acute hospital settings: A realist investigation.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Abhijit Chakraborty


PBC Genetics Study: Investigation of the Genetic and Molecular Pathogenesis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

rincipal Investigator (PI): Dr Susan Jones

UK-PSC: RECRUITMENT SUSPENDED A UK Collaborative Study to Determine the Genetic Basis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (UK-PSC).

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Susan Jones


DexEnceph: A pragmatic, randomised, controlled, observer blind trial comparing clinical outcomes in adults who receive dexamethasone alongside standard treatment versus standard treatment alone for Herpes Simplex Virus encephalitis.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Rangaprasad Karadi

DEVA: Dequalinium versus usual care antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.  A multicentre randomised, open label, non-inferiority trial.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Emma Street


TTTS REGISTRY: Multiple Pregnancy Registry

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Fifydani Shamsudin

CRAFT: CeRclage After Full dilaTation caesarean section; an investigation into the role of previous in labour caesarean section in future preterm birth risk and potential management strategies.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Tahira Naeem

Migrant Women’s Experiences of Maternity Care Within the NHS, Phase 2.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Gweneth Lonergan

RETHINK: A study to determine if pregnant women who pain catastrophise are more likely to attend hospital during the latent phase of labour.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mr David Bromley 


BSRBR: Toxicity from biologic therapy

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Omer Sharif 

ARTISAN: Acute Rehabilitation following Traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Simon Fogerty

PRoCuRe - Partial Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Trial. The clinical and cost effectiveness of surgical repair of partial rotator cuff tears in patients with subacromial shoulder pain: A comparison of surgical repair versus surgery with no repair.  

Prinicpal Investigator (PI): Dr Simon Fogerty


Validation of translational biomarkers of neuropathic pain: RECRUITMENT SUSPENDED The Identification and validation of translational biomarkers of Neuropathic Pain.  A matched cohort study investigating biomarkers in several sub-group populations of Neuropathic Pain.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Rajesh Menon

MIDI: Deep Learning for Identification of Abnormalities on Head MRI.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mrs Georgina Turner


EYE NEON - Prevalence of subclinical Non-Exudative choroidal neovascularisation and its contribution to prediction of exudatiON in fellow eyes with unilateral exudative AMD.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Indra Dias

GALE - Phase 3 open-label, multicenter, extension study to evaluate the longterm safety and efficacy of pegcetacoplan in subjects with geographic atrophy secondary to age-related macular degeneration.

Principal Investigator (PI) Dr Indra Dias

GRIP Glaucoma Risk Prediction in ocular hypertension - A cohort study using electronic medical records to validate a risk predictor and determine the cost-effectiveness of different monitoring schemes according to risk of conversion to glaucoma.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Omar Rafiq


BIOJUME: Biology of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Matthew Taylor

Cleft Collective: Cohort Studies - a large DNA backed prospective resource for the study of the genetic and environmental determinants of cleft lip and/or palate and the long term outcomes in children with cleft lip and/or palate.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mr Matthew Robinson

Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic Fibrosis Registry.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Amal Elnour

FADES: Feeding and Autoimmunity in Down's syndrome Evaluation Study.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Venkat Thiyagesh

Rolandic Epilepsy Genomewide Association International Study (REGAIN): The study’s goal is to find the genetic basis for susceptibility to seizures and associated comorbidities for RE (Rolandic Epilepsy) using genomewide association approaches.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Matthew Taylor

CASAP Children's Acute Surgical Abdomen Programme: A study reviewing the type and quality of care provided to children undergoing emergency abdominal surgery in the UK. 

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Stephen Hill

AZTEC Azithromycin Therapy for Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity: A randomised, placebo controlled trial of azithromycin for the prevention of chronic lung disease of prematurity in preterm infants.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Gill Sharpe

CF START: The cystic fibrosis (CF) anti-staphylococcal antibiotic prophylaxis trial (CF START); a randomised registry trial to assess the safety and efficacy of flucloxacillin as a longterm prophylaxis agent for infants with CF

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Abdul Mattara


ORION-4: Assessing the effects of inclisiran on clinical outcomes among people with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Karen Mitchell

Renal & Urogenital

RADAR: National Studies of Rare Kidney Diseases

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Rahul Vundru


EMBARC: European Bronchiectasis Registry

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Rehan Naseer

BTS Registry:  RECRUITMENT SUSPENDED Obesity related severe asthma – relationship between body mass index and symptoms, healthcare utilisation, demographics, medications, blood test results and lung function.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Rehan Naseer

TIPAL: The effectiveness and risks of Treating people with Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis with the Addition of Lansoprazole: a randomised placebo-controlled multi-centre clinical trial.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Anneka Biswas


BADBIR: British Association of Dermatologists Biologics and Immunomodulators Register

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Corrine Jakeman


PRECIOUS: Prevention of Complications to Improve Outcome in elderly patients with acute Stroke. A randomised, open, phase III, clinical trial with blinded outcome assessment

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Anand Nair

OPTIMAS: A randomised, controlled trial considering Optimal Timing of Anticoagulation after an acute ischaemic stroke.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Anand Nair

ENRICH-AF: EdoxabaN foR IntraCranial Haemorrhage survivors with atrial fibrillation.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Pratap Rana 


SUNFLOWER: A randomised controlled trial to establish the clinical and cost effectiveness of expectant management versus pre-operative imaging with Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) in patients with symptomatic gallstones undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy at low or moderate risk of common bile duct stones.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mr Arin Saha

ROSSINI: Reduction Of Surgical Site Infection using several Novel Interventions.

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Muneer Junejo

Trauma & Orthopaedics

PROFHER2: A three-arm randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of reverse shoulder arthroplasty versus hemiarthroplasty versus non-surgical care for acute three and four part fractures of the proximal humerus in patients over 65yrs of age - Proximal Fracture Of the Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation trial No. 2.

Principal Investigator (PI): Mr Neil Pennington

SOFFT:Simple Olecranon Fracture Fixation Trial. Suture fixation versus tension band wiring for simple olecranon fracture fixation: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial.

Prinicipal Investigator (PI): Mr Neil Pennington