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Patients, Carers and the Public in Health Research

Health care research is essential in helping the NHS work out which treatments work best for patients.

Patients, carers, and the public are vital to health research. Without their help and contribution research would not take place.

Research trials and studies are an important step in discovering new treatments to improve patient benefit, and by undertaking high-quality research we can understand how to improve NHS healthcare now and for the future.

Please see the sections below to find out what participants think of research here at the Trust, where to go to participate in/or get actively involved in research, how the research cycle works and why research is important.  Click here to read our information and guidance about research for patients and their carers.

Please click here to view research studies that are currently open at the Trust. CURRENT RESEARCH

Results from our Patient Research Experience Survey


Between September 2018 and January 2019 we asked 100 of our research patients for feedback on their experience of taking part in research at our Trust. This is what they told us:

95% said they had a good experience in taking part in the study.

97% of patients said they were given all the information they needed in relation to the study.

98% said the research information given was easy to understand.

74% said they were able to manage their health condition better as a result of taking part in this study.

93% said they were able to contact someone appropriate and answer any concerns throughout the study.


Patient comments:

“Very satisfied with all aspects of treatment”

“Extremely pleased with the care and honesty I received from Research Nurse X. Really glad I have taken part.”

“A very positive experience. It is very reassuring to be monitored so closely.”

“Was able to understand more of what was happening.”

“I would just like to add that the doctors and nurses have been outstanding.”

Patient Research Ambassadors (PRA)The Trust currently has two volunteer Patient Research Ambassadors (PRA), whose role it is to help promote the opportunities to take part in research within Calderdale & Huddersfield Foundation Trust. Their role is to:

 Be part of the public facing team for research within the Trust

  • Collaborate with staff to improve research opportunities and communications
  • Liaise with other PRAs across the Yorkshire and Humber region to share learning and experiences.

If you would like to sign up to be a Patient Research Ambassador for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust please view the following information log.

You can also find additional information about what it means to be a Patient Research Ambassador and what others have experienced in this role at the following website:









You can also take part in research by registering and looking for studies through the NIHR 'Be Part of Research' website:

See the latest opportunities on the ‘People in Research’ website:

Occasionally there are opportunities available which are based on a specific topic with organisations such as the James Lind Alliance:

You may also wish to volunteer at the ‘BioResource’ or the ‘Join Dementia Research’ initiative:

The NIHR will take you through the research cycle and show you how to be involved at all stages:

Learn about research in the NIHR Learn Zone:

Find out why research is so important and the impact that it can have on people’s lives: