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The anaesthetics department provides care for emergency and elective patients who will be having some form of surgery, are in labour, are in the intensive care unit or are in the accident and emergency department.

The department also provides care to patients who require acute or chronic pain relief or to psychiatric patients requiring electro convulsive therapy.


The anaesthetics department runs specialised pain clinics at both sites to provide chronic pain treatment and relief.

Dedicated pre-operative assessment service run at CRH, HRI, Acre Mill and Todmorden Health Care. Details here.

Where to find us

The anaesthetics departments are located next to the main surgical theatres, at both the Calderdale Royal Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Who to contact to find out more

Calderdale Royal Hospital

Anaesthetic Office - Jean Ginley
Tel 01422 224077

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Anaesthetic Office - Rebecca Johnstone
Tel 01484 347232

Meet the team

The anaesthetic service across both sites is run by 38 consultant anaesthetists, 21 speciality doctors, associate specialist anaesthetists, specialist registrars and junior doctors.



Special interests

Dr Joseph Anathhanam

Acute Pain

Dr Peter Bamber


Dr Ritu Banerjee

Pre-operative assessment

Dr Karen Bartholomew


Dr Marcus Beadle

ICU, Pre-operative assessment

Dr Nisha Bhuskute


Dr Jacky Brook


Dr Pravin Dandegaonkar

Chronic Pain

Dr Peter Hutchings


Dr Faisal Ehsan

Trust lead for Intravenous fluids

Dr John Esmond

ICU, Trauma lead

Dr Briganand Ghoorun

ICU, Paediatrics

Dr Peter Hall


Dr Stephen Hill

College Tutor

Dr Tim Jackson

ICU, Vascular Access

Dr Richard Johnson

ICU, Obstetrics

Dr Martin Jones

Equipment lead

Dr Ramanathan Kandasamy

Clinical Director for Anaesthesia, Pain Services, Critical Care & Operating Services, ICU

Dr Nik Karandikar

ICU, Vascular anaesthesia

Dr Ross Kitson

ICU clinical lead

Dr Paul Knight

ICU, Peri-operative medicine lead

Dr Pnt Laloƫ

Pre-operative assessment, CPET, Clinical Director for Head & Neck Services

Dr Piers Lesser

Chronic pain

Dr Chi Lok


Dr Monika Stankiewicz-Malawska

Acute Pain

Dr Amy Mayor

Regional anaesthesia, Trauma & Orthopaedics

Dr Rajesh Menon

Chronic pain, Medicine Management Committee

Dr Michael Moncreiff


Dr Claire Morrison

ICU, Paediatrics

Dr Vijay Nadella

Obstetrics, Departemental service organiser

Dr Julie O'Riordan

Divisional Director for Surgery & Anaesthesia, ICU, Paediatrics

Dr Jez Pinnell 

Day Surgery, CPET

Dr Raju Puttaswamy

Obstetric anaesthesia lead

Dr Shaheed Rahman

ICU, Obstetrics

Dr Dimple Vyas

Chronic pain

Dr Matt Williams

Orthopaedics, Obstetrics

Dr Sue Wilkinson

Obstetric anaesthesia

Dr Gemma Woodward

Vascular anaesthesia

Dr Agnieszka Wozniak

ICU, trust Foundation Training Programme lead