Preoperative Assessment

What is preoperative assessment?

Preoperative assessment establishes that the patient is fully informed and wishes to go ahead with the planned procedure or operation. It ensures that the patient is as fit as possible for the surgery and anaesthetic. It minimises the risk of late cancellations by ensuring that all the essential resources and discharge requirements are identified and coordinated. Helps reduce a patient’s length of stay in hospital before and after surgery. Your preoperative assessment happens after you and your surgeon have decided a surgical procedure is necessary.

Pre-operative assessment clinics are held at The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI).  A qualified nurse performs the assessment by asking you questions about your general health. If you take medication then you must bring a GP prescription for the nurse to see.  Your blood pressure, weight and height will be checked and you may be sent for blood tests or an ECG. The nurse will also need your next of kin details in case of emergency.

The nurse may suggest you attend the anaesthetic clinic if you are having complex surgery or if you have a medical condition that is unstable or a complex medical history. The nurse will arrange an appointment with you. The preoperative assessment team will give you your admission details and fasting instructions when your operation date is known. If you need to have further blood tests before the planned procedure you will be contacted before the admission date.

Preparing for surgery - Fitter Better Sooner Toolkit

The RCoA have developed a toolkit which provides important information on how patients can improve their physical and mental health in order to become fitter, better prepared for their operation and improve their chances of a straightforward recovery.

Please click here to access the RCoA's Fitter Better Sooner resources. 

Meet the team

The nurse-led teams work with the support of the anaesthetic department. The nurse-led team is managed by Sister Jane Taylor and consultant anaesthetist Dr Alex Spyidoulias and includes: 

  • Four Sisters & One Charge Nurse
  • Eight staff nurses
  • Twelve healthcare assistants
  • Seven admin coordinators

The consultant anaesthetists for Pre-Operative Assessment are:

Dr Paul Knight - Friday

Dr Marcus Beadle - Wednesday

Dr Jez Pinnell - alternating Monday/Thursday

Dr Ritu Banerjee - Tuesday

Dr Alex Spyridoulias - alternating Monday/Thursday

Patient Information

Leaflets given out from our teams, if you have missed place you can find the selection here

Patient Feedback

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Where are we


The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI) preoperative assessment unit is based on the Lower Ground Floor, near block one lifts The telephone number is 01484 342652. 

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