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Childhood Wetting (Paediatric Enuresis)

Nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) is the repeated incontinence of urine at night time after the age of about 6/7 years.  Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is a common childhood problem occurring in about 1 in 10 7 year olds.  

Repeated incontinence during the day after about the age of 4 years is called diurnal enuresis or daytime wetting. Daytime wetting is not an uncommon problem in childhood.

Some children will have both night time and daytime wetting.

The Children’s enuresis clinic in Huddersfield will see children under 16 years of age with the following;

  • Bed wetting  from 7 years of age who have had no improvement after at least 3 months of professional advice
  • Daytime wetting from 5 years of age who have had no improvement after at least 3 months of professional advice.

Children who have constipation or soiling should see their GP; they may be referred to the general paediatric clinic. They may be seen in the enuresis clinic if they have additional and on-going difficulties with wetting.

In the Enuresis clinic you will be able to talk about and have a full assessment of the problem and you will be involved in deciding the best course of management, which may include:

  • General advice about fluid intake, daily habits and diet.
  • Some children may need investigation such as urine tests or ultra sound scans 
  • Alarm therapy
  • Medication


Referrals are currently accepted from GPs and school nurses.

If your GP is in the Calderdale area you may be referred to the Calderdale Continence Clinic  

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