Using Alarms

Bedwetting alarms are a safe and effective treatment for bedwetting.  If your child wakes up to it and uses it consistently a response could be seen in 6 to 12 weeks or less.

The bedwetting alarm is made to go off at the first sign of moisture.  The alarm will play sounds when it goes off.  Some of the alarms will also vibrate.  Most children will respond well to the sounds and vibration.

Simply clip the sensor to the outside of your child’s (close fitting) underpants where they get wet, thread the cord under his/her shirt/pyjamas and attach it to the alarm unit worn on the shoulder.

The alarm is triggered as your child urinates and wet their underpants and therefore the sensor. When theywake, they need to get up and use the toilet. You may need to help your child get up to the alarm for the first few nights. It is important that your child realises that waking to the alarm is the treatment, initially they will continue to have a wet bed/underpants. This conditioning process teaches your child to respond to the feeling of a full bladder.

Progress is seen by having smaller wet patches and or less wet nights and or your child going longer in the night before wetting. Eventually sleeping through over time or waking up by themselves to go to the toilet.

Continue to use the alarm until your child has achieved at least 14 dry consecutive nights.

If your child does not respond to the alarm or your child is unable to use it please return it to us as soon as possible so another child can try it.

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