Community Healthcare

Welcome to clinical therapy and rehabilitation, which comprises almost 600 staff from many different professions. All our staff are registered and regulated by the ’Health Professions Council’ (HPC).

Is your therapist registered with the HPC? 

Our services

We have a large team of professionals who work together to give the best care we can for you. We work towards and share the same values and goals.

Standards of Care

We have developed our directorate standards of care ‘Caring for You’ in collaboration with users and our staff. 

Caring For You – The standard of care you can expect

All the staff within the Clinical Therapy and Rehabilitation Directorate work towards the following 

  1. We will treat people with courtesy, honesty and respect
    We will treat you in a helpful and friendly manner
    We will give you the name of the person you will see on your first visit
    We will introduce ourselves and wear name badges
    Our departments will be clean and comfortable
    If you have to wait more than 15 minutes beyond your appointment time, we will explain the reason for the delay to you
  2. We will help people to achieve and keep their independence
    We will always consider your needs
    If you need help using any of our services, we will do all we can to help
  3. We will involve you in making decisions and give you all the relevant information you need
    Wherever possible, we will give you an appointment time to suit you
    Where treatment is available at different sites, we will give you the choice of attending the one
    which is most convenient for you
    We will listen to you and give you the time to discuss your needs
    We will respect your privacy and dignity
    We will offer you (and your carer or advocate) appropriate information at the appropriate time
  4. We will work with you. You too have an active part to play by:
    Giving us all the relevant information we need about your health
    Contacting us if you cannot attend your appointment or if it is inconvenient to visit you. You can expect us to do the same.
    Following advice about your treatment and medication
    Looking after your equipment and returning it to us when you don’t need it anymore
    Letting us know if you no longer need a particular service, to allow us to offer our time to others in need
    Telling us how we can improve our services
  5. We will treat you fairly and will not discriminate against:
    Sexual orientation
  6. We will make sure that you feel you can comment, compliment or complain about the service you receive and that this will not affect the service you are getting
    We will inform you about who to contact should you have any concerns or wish to suggest some improvements
  7. We will make sure that the service you receive offers best value with the resources we have available to us.
    We will keep you informed of our expenditure and services
    We have also developed telephone standards, as we believe it should be easy for you to contact us and when you do we should be polite and courteous.

Telephone Standards

  • All staff should be courteous and polite at all times.
  • All telephones should be answered within five rings
  • Staff should answer the telephone as follows:
    • Good morning/afternoon
    • Name of section
    • Name of person speaking
  • Telephone should be delivered to one extension when staffing is minimal or at busy periods.
  • Arrangements should be made to make sure that unattended telephones are answered by Admin and Clerical staff where
  • possible.
  • Answering machines should be used as and when appropriate.
  • All messages should be dealt with twice a day or as appropriate.
  • All members of the Directorate should endeavour to be as helpful and efficient as possible when dealing with queries. In particular, the person answering the call should take responsibility for ensuring that the query is dealt with and, where possible, avoid passing the caller from one person to another.
  • Verbal abuse/imminent or informal complaints must be dealt with sensitively and with care. The appropriate form should be completed and forwarded to the line manager or Clinical Co-ordinator as soon as possible.

For a copy of our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire results contact 01484 355066 or e-mail

How to contact us

You can e-mail us at or if you wish to make a comment, suggestion or compliment, or telephone 01484 355066.