After your capsule endoscopy

Once you have swallowed the capsule and have all the instructions, you can leave the hospital.

You will need to check the blue light is flashing on the data recorder every 15 minutes.

You will need to return later that afternoon to check if the capsule has passed into the large bowel. The nurse will give you a time to return or if you need to keep the sensor belt on longer you will be told when to take it off.  You can return the equipment the following day to the department in a carrier bag, taking care of the equipment.

If the capsule has not passed into your large bowel when you return later that afternoon, you will need to keep the sensors and data recorder on. The data recorder will continue to record until the battery ends (about 12 to 14 hours from the start). You can return the data recorder to the hospital the morning after the test.

It may take some days or up to 2 weeks for the medical team to look at all the pictures. They send the results to the doctor who arranged the test.

If you have not heard about the result within a couple of weeks after your test, contact the doctor who arranged the test.