During the procedure

Local anaesthetic spray

This procedure is performed by a using a spray to numb the nasal passage and the throat. You will usually be able to leave the unit straight away on your own and continue your day without restrictions. You just need to wait for the spray to wear off before you eat and drink which usually takes an hour

Before the procedure begins the Endoscopist will spray your nasal passage and throat with a local anaesthetic spray to numb the area. This should take a couple of minutes to work.  The procedure can be carried out with you sitting on a chair or lying on your left-hand side on a trolley. The Endoscopist will pass the endoscope into your nostril. It will then pass down your oesophagus, stomach or duodenum. You will be able to breathe normally as the tube will avoid the windpipe.  You may feel bloated during the procedure as air is passed through the endoscope into your stomach. The air will disperse naturally.