During the procedure

You will require conscious sedation for this procedure.  Sedation is given via a cannula and helps to relax you, but it does not put you to sleep. It is usually given together with a painkilling medication. You will still be able to hear and follow instructions. After the procedure you will be taken to the recovery area to rest and you will be given refreshments. If you have sedation you must have a responsible adult to collect you from the Endoscopy Unit to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours as the medication can stay in your system during this 24 hour period. You cannot drive, operate machinery (including household appliances) or sign legal documents during this 24 hour period. You are advised not to travel home on public transport.

The procedure will take place in the X-ray department with the endoscopy team present. The doctor will use a gastroscopy to insert a guidewire through the narrowing in your oesophagus. Once in place the stent will be inserted and expanded. At the end of the procedure, all the tubes and wires are removed, apart from the stent, which is left in place.