Skincare is important when living with or being at risk of lymphoedema. Looking after and protecting the skin can avoid further damage and reduce risk of an infection called Cellulitis.

To keep your skin in good condition it is always best to try and do the following: -

  • Moisturise the skin daily, this will keep the skin hydrated and prevent the skin from becoming dry and cracked.
  • Wear high factor sun creams when exposed to the sun
  • Wear protective clothing when gardening such as long sleeves or trousers and gardening gloves.
  • Take care when removing hair, try and avoid using razors if possible.
  • Keep the skin clean and ensure to take care drying the area thoroughly.

If you cut, graze or damage the skin please ensure to wash the area thoroughly under warm water. Dry and apply antiseptic cream and monitor for infection.

The lymphoedema team can help support in what creams or ointments are best for you.

Please follow to section Cellulitis to help understand the infection, signs and symptoms and what to do if this occurs.