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First Steps Cancer Programme

A monthly information and support session for anybody diagnosed with cancer in the last few months, and their families. Firstly we invite you to have a look at the videos and information on useful topics such as an introduction to treatment, who you might meet, managing your emotions, diet, sleep, exercise, fatigue.

Then join us for an online meeting on Microsoft Teams to talk about these topics, hear from one of our patient reps and a chance for you to ask any questions. These meetings run online on the first Monday of every month, 10am til 11.30am (or the second Monday where there is a bank holiday) and you only need to attend once.  

Information on First Steps can be accessed here

Macmillan’s iHOPE Programme

iHOPE is Macmillan’s online self-management programme (‘Help Overcoming Problems Effectively’) for anyone who’s had a cancer diagnosis, which empowers people living with cancer to manage their health and wellbeing and help with the stress of a cancer diagnosis.

What are the aims of the course?

  • Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with life’s challenges, frustrations and fears.
  • Support you to become more relaxed, improve confidence, set positive goals, learn stress and fatigue management skills 
  • Build skills and character strengths to help deal with anger, depression, uncertainty and to live positively with fears for the future.

The iHOPE Course runs over six weeks with online materials to work through and videos to watch, plus a weekly meeting with the iHOPE facilitators on Microsoft Teams to talk about the topics of the week.

To book – contact the Macmillan Information & Support Service on 01484 343614, 01422 222709 or email 

The Thinking Ahead Programme

Thinking Ahead is a health and wellbeing course for patients living with incurable cancer, who may or may not be receiving treatment, as well as their family members. The course was devised in Harrogate in 2018 and has been delivered in Calderdale and Huddersfield since 2019.

The course runs online over seven weeks, or face to face over three weeks and includes different speakers who talk about helpful topics such as managing uncertainty, keeping active, advance care planning, diet and appetite, managing fatigue, introduction to hospices and care in the last weeks and months of life.

The course aims to keep people as well as possible for as long as possible and encourages living life to the full in a supported, self-managed way.

To book – contact the Macmillan Information & Support Service on 01484 343614, 01422 222709 or email 

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