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Cervical Spine

Neck Advice Documents

How to sit safely at work


Prior to completing the following exercises please ensure you feel happy to do so and if you have any concerns liaise with your GP or health practioner. 

Please be aware during the exercise you are likely to feel muscular effort, but not pain. You may feel muscular ache for 2 to 3 days following your exercise which is expected. If you feel a significant increase in pain, please liaise with your GP or health practioner.

Each of the exercises are demonstrated at various levels, please ensure you are working at an appropriate level for your ability.

During strength exercises, we would expect you to feel muscular ache due to fatigue during each exercise. This will guide the numbers of repetitions required for each exercise, which should increase over time as you get stronger. 


Postural Advice

Cervical Flexion Stretch

Cervical Extension Stretch

Cervical Rotation Stretch

Cervical Side Flexion Stretch

Protraction Retraction Mobility Exercise – Close the Drawer

Upper Trapezius Stretch

Cervical Flexion Strength Exercise

Cervical Rotation Strength Exercise

Cervical Side Flexion Strength Exercise

Cervical Retraction Strength Exercise - Sitting

Cervical Retraction Exercise - Chin Tuck at the Wall

Cervical Retraction Strength Exercise - Supine

Cervical Retraction Strength Exercise - Prone

Prone Hundreds

Swan Dive

Neck Injury Advice

Neck Injury Advice

Whiplash Advice

Please see Neck Advice Documents for stretches, strength exercises and videos.

Links to other Neck Advice Resources

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