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Your telephone appointment

A telephone appointment replaces a face to face appointment at the hospital 

  • Please try to make sure you are somewhere quiet without distractions for the call.
  • Your doctor, nurse of care provider will contact you as near to the allocated time as possible.
  • The doctor, nurse or care provider will always call your mobile telephone number first, before trying the landline number.
  • There is a chance that the telephone call will be delayed and we would advise you to be available within 2 hours of the appointment time.
  • Please have a list of any medications you are taking.
  • Please contact the appointments centre on 0345 6088888 or your clinic as soon as possible if the appointment date is not suitable.

What do I need for my telephone appointment?

  • List of current medication
  • Last optician prescription (if your appointment is with Ophthalmology).
  • A list of foods or diet sheet (if your appointment is with dietetics).