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Cardiology provides both inpatient and outpatient services for patients with a range of cardiac  conditions, including patients with suspected or confirmed coronary heart disease, heart failure, and  cardiac arrhythmias. Coronary angiography, pacing, device implantation and cardiac MRI are  provided on both hospital sites.

In recent years the service has been successful in meeting the targets for thrombolysis, rapid access  chest pain clinics and angiography. We are now faced with new challenges and are working in  partnership with primary care developing care pathways for patients with chronic heart conditions,  and with the tertiary centre and ambulance services towards the introduction of primary  angioplasty. Cardiology practice is changing rapidly and the clinical teams are reviewing new ways of  working to improve the patient experience and meet the standards.

The Trust works closely with the local PCTs through cardiology strategic & clinical networks towards  meeting the standards of the CHD NSF and NICE guidelines.  The Network includes representation  from patient groups and the local council. In partnership with the West Yorkshire Cardiac Network,  the local cardiac network strives to improve standards and outcome for patients throughout the  Region.

Tertiary care includes coronary revascularisation with coronary artery bypass surgery or coronary  angioplasty, valve surgery, complex arrhythmia management such as electrical physiology studies  and ablation, and cardiac transplantation. Most of this activity takes place at Leeds Acute Hospital  Trust. Heart Transplantation is rare, and where indicated patients are referred to one of several  centres.

Where to find us

A comprehensive service is situated on both hospital sites: Calderdale Royal Hospital – coronary care unit and ward 6C (cardiology ward) are situated on the  first floor. Access can be via the main reception area, or adjacent to the A & E entrance accessible  from Godfrey Road. Outpatient clinics are situated in the outpatient department, once again  accessible from Godfrey Road, but adjacent to the maternity unit. An angiography suite for day case  patients is situated on the first floor. Huddersfield Royal Infirmary – The Huddersfield heart unit is situated on the second floor, Ward  Block 1. Access to the area can be via the main or south drive entrances. It comprises a 13-bedded  cardiology ward and an 8 bedded coronary care unit. A medical day case unit is also currently  situated in the area where both cardiology and general medical patients are managed. Outpatient  clinics are held in the outpatient department on ground floor, adjacent to the café bar. Rapid access  chest pain clinics also take place in the cardio-respiratory department on both hospital sites.

Who to contact to find out more

James Battye - Cardiology Service Manager - 01422 224310

Meet the team

The team comprises of 5 cardiologists, a number of other cardiology medical staff, a team of ward  and CCU nurses, specialist nurses, angiography/ day case nurses, a cardiology services manager, a  team of cardiology physiologists. The team also work in close partnership with the cardiac  rehabilitation team.