Where can I give Birth

Most women find labour and birth less daunting when they have been able to choose the place of birth that they feel best suits them. Preparing for birth involves exploring your options, so that you can make informed choices and know what to expect.

You will be asked in early pregnancy where you want to give birth to your baby, however you can change your mind at any time and we will confirm your choice with you around 36 weeks gestation. You may have existing medical conditions, previous pregnancy or birth complications or newly diagnosed pregnancy conditions to take into consideration.

Where can I choose to give birth (NHS film)

We offer a range of choice

We offer a range of choice

  • Homebirth
  • Huddersfield Family Birth centre (freestanding)
  • Calderdale Birth centre (alongside)
  • Labour ward Calderdale

To find out local information about each of these options, download our patient leaflet, Where would you like your baby to be born?  cwan0086 v4 July 21 review 12months A4.pdf (cht.nhs.uk)

Need more help with making your choice?

Which? has produced a birth choice tool to help with decision-making. It is supported by the Royal College of Midwives. You can find out more here:


Your community midwife will also be able to answer all your questions and provide help and support when it comes to choosing where to birth.