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Maternity Services

Welcome to Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Maternity Services

We know that having a baby can be an exciting time, but also a time when you have lots of questions. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality, safe care that meets your individual needs and that of your baby. Whether you chose to have your baby at home, in one of our birth centres or on our labour ward we want you to have the best possible birth experience.

We hope our website helps you to plan your care during pregnancy, birth and beyond. We would like to thank local women who have contributed to developing these pages through our Maternity Voices Partnership Group.

Using maternity services during Covid-19. Feedback between March 2020 - August 2020

Your feedback, combined with local and national intelligence and guidance has helped us to meet the needs of the families within our care. Here’s a snapshot of some of the changes implemented at CHFT and Mid Yorkshire Hopsital Trust as a result of what you told us.


You said…

We did…

“We are concerned about restrictions in particularly for partners attending antenatal appointments, scans, during labour and postnatal visiting.”

Where possible, and in line with keeping everyone safe, and adhering to Government guidance, we continue to make changes to facilitate birth partners and supports to be present throughout the whole maternity journey. This includes ultrasound scans and outpatient appointments. We are also increasing visiting opportunities where possible. This remains under review whilst the pandemic continues.

“People from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups said they had
a less satisfactory experience of maternity care”.

Enabled key resources to be easily translated into various languages. Set up dedicated midwives for vulnerabilities which includes Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. We are also ensuring that face to face maternity bookings are carried out.

“We’d like maternity websites to be the main source of maternity related information and have clear and transparent information about what to expect when coming to hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

We review and update maternity web pages with key information in regards to the pandemic which is kept up to date.

“We sometimes felt a bit lost in the system, and don’t always know what to do or what to expect.”

We regularly update our website and Facebook pages to help people understand what to expect. For example:
• Attending appointments and scans, triage, labour and visiting guidance during the pandemic.
• We also made additional contact (between appointments) which we aim to continue.

“We’d like continuity of care from the same midwife.”

• There are a number of ‘Continuity of carer’ midwifery teams where women have a named midwife within a small team of midwives who provide care during pregnancy, throughout labour and postnatally.

• There are plans to increase the number of women receiving care from our continuity of carer teams in 2021.

“We want to see evidence of COVID-19 safety measures such as social distancing, cleaning and mask wearing when attending hospital.”

• We have strict infection control and PPE procedures in place. This includes a higher level of cleaning, and as well as staff wearing enhanced PPE to keep everyone safe. This can be seen when visiting the hospital sites.
• We have produced posters/banners in each area which include the expectations for visitors in regards to PPE, social distancing and hand hygiene.
• These messages are also communicated on our websites and Facebook pages.

“We’d like more face-to-face appointments with midwives and doctors.”

Where contact in person is not clinically necessary we aim to offer the choice of a video consultation where possible in order to provide you with key information.

“We’d like you to facilitate antenatal classes where we can speak with a midwife and meet other expectant families.”

We are exploring different ways of providing antenatal information. We will keep you updated through our Facebook pages and websites - so please look out for the details. Your midwife will also be able to tell you about these when they come available

We are constantly working to review our response to national guidance and are working on action plans to address any arising concerns and make improvements. We are also continuing to listen and respond to feedback. Please share your thoughts or experiences with us:

You can download the engagement report for Using maternity services during COVID-19 here.

Partners involved in this work include:

  • Maternity Voices Partnerships across Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups across Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield
  • Local Authorities across Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield
  • University of Huddersfield


Covid-19 and pregnancy

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some of our services have been affected and arrangements may change at short notice. We will keep you informed when this happens and we will post service updates on our Facebook page.

Before you attend for any care (hospital or community)

PLEASE do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are in self isolation due to a family member being infected.  If you think you are in labour or need to attend the hospital for any other unplanned care you should PHONE first so that we can assess the circumstances and if necessary meet you at the door along with protective clothing.

If you have a clinic, scan or midwife appointment arranged and you are feeling well, it is important that you DO attend unless we notify you by phone (often the day before) of alternative arrangements. Some routine appointments will be conducted by telephone or video call to reduce risk of spread.

Please follow the following links to the latest detailed information on Covid-19 and pregnancy.

Update to maternity visiting arrangements and why we encourage self-testing

  • Women attending all antenatal appointments at CHFT hospital sites, including all scans, can have their nominated support person with them.
  • Women attending the maternity assessment centre (MAC) and antenatal day unit (ANDU) attendances can have their nominated support person with them.
  • Women attending for Induction of labour can have their nominated support person attend on admission and stay for a 2 hour settling in period.
  • Women attending for Elective LSCS can have their nominated support person attend the ward with them and stay until transfer to theatre and for up to 2 hours following birth.
  • Women in labour can have their nominated support person with them throughout labour and birth and for up to 2 hours afterward.
  • Women admitted for ongoing care in the antenatal or postnatal period will be able to have their nominated support person attend for a 1 hour visit (excluding the day of birth and day of discharge). Allocated time slots have been assigned per bed space.
  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will now be open for 24 hour access for both parents and if baby is in a critical condition both parents can be in attendance together.
  • Our Neonatal High Dependency Unit and Special Care Baby Unit will be open for 24 hour access for both parents but only 1 parent permitted at the cot side at any one time.

In order that we can continue to keep our women, babies and staff safe we have had to implement additional measures in order to facilitate this:

  • Women will be asked at booking to nominate their named support person for their pregnancy and birth journey and this will be the support person for all encounters.
  • All women and support persons will be required to wear a surgical fluid resistant face mask, or a visor for medical exemptions, which will be provided by the Trust. If your support person is unable to wear a surgical mask or visor they will not be permitted entry

Lateral flow testing – self testing is encourged to help us all stay safe

It is our priority to ensure that all pregnant women having their maternity care with us at the hospital or in the community continue to receive safe and personalised care during the pandemic.

This includes maintaining the safety of families and our staff, as well as ensuring that your named birth partner is able to support you during your maternity care.

To help continue to reduce the risk of infection, we are encouraging lateral flow testing for COVID-19 for both yourself and your named birth partner twice weekly during your pregnancy.

Around 1-in-3 people do not have symptoms. Lateral flow device tests help find positive COVID-19 cases in people who may have no symptoms but are still infectious and can pass on the virus to others and will also help as new variants of the virus emerge.

The test involves taking a sample from your nose using a swab and provides a result in 30 minutes. We would recommend that your test is completed at home.

Other ways to get lateral flow test kits:

  • Collect from a test site
  • Collect test kit from a local pharmacy
  • Order by phone, call 119 (lines are open 7am-11pm), calls are free of charge

If a test result is positive:

  • Self-isolate immediately
  • Get a PCR test to confirm the result
  • Inform staff at the place where your appointment is as soon as possible - to allow us to best support you and your birth partner

Update on Huddersfield Birth Centre - 4th November 2020

We are currently working hard to continue to provide essential services during the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, and have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the Huddersfield Birth Centre so we can provide protected capacity for cancer and other urgent surgery patients.

All women who are imminently due to have their baby are being informed by telephone, with a follow-up letter. For women who are due to give birth later on, Community Midwives will discuss birth place options when they next attend for antenatal care.

We realise this may be upsetting for women who opted for labour and birth at Huddersfield, though we would reassure them that care at Calderdale will be no different as our Birth Centre Midwives work from both centres. If women are having care with the Florence continuity of carer team, a midwife from that team will also be based on the Calderdale Birth Centre. 

Calderdale Birth Centre has its own entrance and is self-contained. There will therefore be no need to come through any part of the hospital. 

We fully understand this situation is not ideal but we are aiming to provide the best care possible under the current circumstances to keep you and your baby safe.   

Women can also ring the Huddersfield community Maternity Advice Line between 08.30 – 16.30 Monday – Friday on: 01484 355743


Calderdale Community Midwives Advice Line between 08.30 – 16.30 Monday – Friday on: 01422 261364