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Maternity Visiting Arrangements

It is our priority to ensure that all pregnant women having their maternity care with us at the hospital or in the community continue to receive safe and personalised care.

Women may nominate TWO support persons at booking and can have EITHER ONE of them to support when attending as follows:

  • All antenatal appointments at CHFT hospital sites including all scans, ONE nominated person.
  • At the Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC) and Antenatal Day Unit (ANDU) ONE nominated person.
  • For induction of labour - ONE nominated person may attend on admission and stay for a 2 hour settling in period, then as normal visiting hours.
  • For Elective LSCS - ONE nominated person may attend the ward on admission and remain to attend in Theatre and in Recovery for up to 2 hours following the birth, then as normal visiting hours.
  • Throughout labour and birth ONE or BOTH of the nominated persons may attend and stay for up to 2 hours following birth, except when it is necessary to transfer to theatre, in which case only ONE may accompany.
  • Visiting on Antenatal/Postnatal wards, Labour Ward and the Birth Centre - ONE nominated person can visit for any period of time between 10am – 8pm daily. We're sorry, but partners are not be permitted to stay overnight.
  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be open for 24 hour access for both parents and if baby is in a critical condition both parents can be in attendance together.
  • Our Neonatal High Dependency Unit and Special Care Baby Unit will be open for 24 hour access for both parents but only 1 parent permitted at the cot side at any one time.

In order that we can continue to keep our women, babies and staff safe we have had to implement additional measures:

  • Women will be asked at booking to nominate TWO named support person/s for their pregnancy and birth journey and these will be the support person/s for all encounters.
  • Children may attend antenatal and postnatal appointments with their mother if you are unable to make other arrangements, with the exception of scans where only one adult may accompany.
  • We are sorry but children cannot be permitted to attend any scans or visit the ward areas.