Andrology Services / Erectile dysfunction

Andrology is a relatively new area of specialisation and is, considered to be, the male version of gynaecology.

Here at the Trust, we provide care and treatment for men’s andrology problems, specifically relating to erectile dysfunction (ED).

The definition of ED is an inability to achieve or maintain an erection for the purposes of sexual intercourse. A lot of men find this to be a difficult situation to deal with, let alone talk about, but, with the appropriate intervention, this condition can be treated. We offer a discrete and confidential service within a safe environment where this can be discussed.

We host various nurse-led telephone and face to face clinics that are backed up by a team of consultants and registrars, all with a wealth of experience.

New referrals are contacted so that we can gain a full picture of the issues involved and then we can guide the patient through to the appropriate treatment