Fast Track Urgent GP Referrals

What is a Fast Track Urgent GP referral?

This is a referral made by a GP to the hospital for patients they suspect have cancer. The fast track referral system aims to diagnose and treat serious illnesses quickly. Many conditions are more likely to be cured if they are diagnosed and treated early.

What happens next?

Once your GP has referred you to us, it will be reviewed by a Consultant and one of the following may happen:

  • The referral is accepted, and you will receive an appointment to be seen either virtually via video or telephone call or face to face within 2 weeks in a clinic at either Hospital within the Trust.
  • A Consultant or Specialist Nurse contacts you by telephone to request further information about your condition.
  • A Consultant or Specialist Nurse requests further information from your GP about your condition.
  • A Consultant decides that it is not appropriate for you to be seen in their specialist clinic and recommends to your GP an alternative course of action.

It is important if you are given an appointment you are seen quickly to investigate your condition and that you are available to attend your appointment at either hospital. 

Remember that the signs or symptoms you have may be caused by a number of common conditions. Although these do include cancer, it does not mean that you have it.

You are likely to be sent for tests and investigations it may seem that you have a lot of appointments and tests in a short timescale.  This is because it is very important that we diagnose and treat your possible cancer as quickly as possible.

Please make every effort to attend.

The Pinpoint Test

The PinPoint Test is a blood test that can help predict a patient’s chance of having cancer. It is being evaluated by the NHS in the West Yorkshire & Harrogate region to help us understand if the test improves how cancer is diagnosed and how it can benefit patients in the future.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the evaluation of The Pinpont Test.

If the evaluation is successful, we hope that this simple blood test will help the NHS prioritise patients at high risk so they have shorter waiting times for a faster diagnosis. It will also help identify patients at very low risk so they don’t need to go to hospital for testing.

Please watch the video below for more information or click here which will open in a new page.