CHFT Referral Directory

This directory has been made available for reference to CHFT’s referral process, this list is to be used by GP’s and other Healthcare Providers to refer and send secure communication to Departments  who no longer receive information via Fax.

If you are a patient please contact the relevant department via switch board:

HRI 01484 342000

CRH 01422 357171

Department Referral Process Additional Information
A&E CRH/HRIReferrals not received
Allan House Clinic (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.allanhouseclinic@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Beechwood Community Centre cah-tr.BeechwoodCommunityCentre@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Brighouse Health Centre (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.BrighouseHealthCentre@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Calderdale GP'sEmail accounts
Calderdale Royal Ward 7 (ABCD)Calderdale.strokewards@nhs.netReferrals and GP information
Cardiac Rehabilitation Cah-tr.cardiacrehab@nhs.netFor referrals to Calderdale Cardiac Rehabilitation only
Cardiology open access 

Community Specialist Palliative Care Team communityspecialist.palliativecare@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication Referrals and urgent results
ENT Choose and Book
Grange Dean Medical Centre (DN Nursing Team)
Referrals and secure communication
Greater Huddersfield GP's Email accounts and telephone numbers
Gynaecology CRH

Gynaecology Referral - Ring switch board at Calderdale 01422 357171 and ask for the Registrar on call

TOP Referral - Patient/GP rings the ward direct on 01422 224415/224416

Intermediate Care
Lister Lane Surgery (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.listerlanesurgery@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Maxillofacial West Yorkshire referral management system.
Neurophysiologyneuro.physiology1@nhs.netNeurophysiology referrals from GPs or other services who cannot refer via EPR.
Northowram Surgery (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.NorthowramSurgery@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Obstetrics Maternity Assessment Unit 01422 224419
Oncology Secretaries Office cah-tr.oncologysecretarieshri@nhs.netLetters from GP's, referrals, urgent reports and palliative care
Out Of Hours Specialist Palliative Care Team cah-tr.OutOfHoursSpecialistPalliativeCareTeam@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Paediatric Assessment Switchboard and ask for the paediatrician on call.
Plane Trees Surgery (DN Nursing Team)planetrees.practice@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Quest cah-tr.Quest@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Records Services Referrals (should be requested through ERS where possible)
Records Services Referrals (should be requested through ERS where possible)
SAU HRISwitch Board refer calls to SAU OR Co-Ordinator Mobile Phone - 07557256671 No provision to receive a secure email
Spring Hall Medical Centre (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.SpringHallMedicalCentre@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Stainland Medical Centre (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.StainlandMedicalCentre@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication
Todmorden Health Centre (DN Nursing Team)cah-tr.TodmordenHealthCentre@nhs.netReferrals and secure communication

If the department you require is not listed please contact them directly

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