Who is this service for and what to expect?

This service is available to all adults with cancer who are under the care of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.  If your difficulties are not related to your experience of cancer  we may be able to help you to access another source of support for these issues.

What could this service help me with?

  • Feeling anxious or having panic attacks
  • Feeling angry
  • Low mood or feeling upset
  • Coping with adjustment, change and loss
  • Worries or fears about the future
  • Adjusting to your diagnosis and loss of confidence
  • Decisions about your treatment and medication
  • Managing the demands of home and family life
  • Coping with pain, fatigue and treatment side-effects
  • The impact of cancer on relationships
  • Feeling unhappy about the way you look
  • Coping with how cancer affects your self-esteem