Holistic Needs Assessment

This section describes the Holistic Needs Assessment. It introduces the tools available to help staff gain a better understanding  of what concerns you may have and what matters to you. This will support the development of an individualised care plan, in partnership with your health care professional, to better meet your needs.

Holistic Needs Assessment - Concerns Checklist

It is not a requirement to complete this checklist; however, it is a useful tool to understand what support you may need. Completing this and returning it to your team via the cancer team secretatory (below) will instigate your Holistic Needs Assessment.

Please click here to view and download the paper version of the concerns checklist. Once completed please return to Heather Milner, Cancer Team Secretary at heather.milner@nhs.net Alternatively, to request a link to complete this electronically, please enter in the message field on the 'Questions for the First Steps team' below  "I would like to request an electronic HNA"

If you have already received a code from your team, click the link to access the Macmillan HNA 'MY Care Plan' to start completing your assessment. 


What matters to me

The information you provide in the questionnaire will help us understand more about you and how we can best support you as you go through your cancer journey. This information will be shared with your clinical team and contribute to your Personalised Care and Supprt Plan.

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After reading through the First Steps information and watching the videos, we would like to encourage you to download and complete the 'First Steps Action Plan' available at this link.

This is not something you need to share with your clinical team - it is for you to think about how to move forward after looking at all of this information and hopefully joining our online discussion group. This is your opportunity to decide how you are going to look after yourself emotionally, in terms of diet/exercise and services you may decide to engage with.

Due to the coronavirus situation we are currently offering first steps as a virtual/online programme. To book a place on our First Steps programme for you, a family member or friend please phone Heather Milner, our Cancer Team Secretary on 01484 343490 or email heather.milner@nhs.net  

If you have have a question for the First Steps team please submit it on the form below

Please note, if your question needs an urgent response you should contact your clinical team directly. 

Question for the First Steps Team

Question for the First Steps Team

The First Steps team aim to respond to your question within a few days. Please bear in mind the information team's working days are Monday to Friday. Any questions submitted may be used anonymously as part of the frequently asked question section of the First Steps website.