Clinical Simulation

Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust Clinical Skills and Simulation

Who are we?

We are a trust wide service aimed at supporting multiprofessional learning from individual skills training through to extensive simulated learning scenarios; our service also offers advisory assistance to support learning outcomes and generation of information for research and development purposes.

We are responsible for the maintenance and continued development of the simulation suites at both HRI and CRH, a range of simulation manikins and extensive consumables utilised in skills acquisition. Our role further extends to supporting the education facilitators in implementation of courses.

Training may utilise part task trainers i.e. body parts or a human patient simulated manikins and can be classroom based, in a simulated ward environment or ‘in situ’ natural clinical settings.

What do we do?

We support training needs and education facilitators to plan, implement and evaluate learning. Our service includes a range of functions inclusive of technical support for manikins and audio visual tools, advisory roles in course development, room bookings and service costing, marketing of courses and outcome measurement. We also support development of publications and dissemination of information.

Where are we?

Whilst we run our service across sites our main office is at the Learning and Development at Calderdale Royal Hospital, our contact details are:

Main office: 01422 223416 HRI ext. 791-5596

Angela Hope, Trust Lead Email: mobile 07767 007361

Caren Reid, Sim Technician Email: mobile 07733 301003

Richard Hill, Health Informatics Email: