What to expect on admission

Birth Centre - If you opt to have your baby on the Birth Centre you will be greeted and shown into your room. There are 2 birthing pools on the Birth Centre, so ensure to mention on the phone when you call in early labour that you want to use a birthing pool, and staff can get the pool ready for you.

MAC / Labour Ward - If you are having your baby on labour ward, then you will be asked to attend Maternity Assessment Centre first for a labour assessment. If you are already in labour, or if you need to be admitted for any other reason, then you will be transferred to your own private en-suite room on Labour Ward.

Labour assessment

Your Midwife will read your pregnancy notes and ask you about recent events. They will do an assessment, similar to an antenatal check and may offer a vaginal examination if you have not already had one in Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC).

When you have been assessed, if your labour is still in the early latent phase, and both you and baby are well, you will be encouraged to go home and await further events. If you are in active labour your midwife will complete your admission and discuss your birth plan and preferences with you.

Your birthing room

All our birthing rooms are private and en-suite, your birth partner is welcome to use these facilities. We encourage you to feel at home and make the room your own, wherever you choose to give birth. LED tea lights are a safe, popular choice for people to use to help create a calm ambiance (plus - a dimly lit room will help you progress in labour by keeping you calm and helping to boost your oxytocin!). Some women choose to bring in aromatherapy diffusers, as well as Bluetooth speakers to play their chosen music on.

Eating and drinking

While you’re in labour, it is very important you remain well hydrated. You will be provided with as many jugs of iced water as you need. Reminding you to keep well hydrated is a useful job for birth partners to take on by encouraging you to sip water between contractions.  If you are hungry, light snacks can also be eaten in labour to keep your energy up. Things like cereal bars and boiled sweets are excellent options for a quick sugar boost! Make sure to pack extra snacks for your birth partner!