Adult Diabetes Psychology

1. About us

Diabetes Psychological Services are for adults living with Diabetes and under the care of the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust Diabetes team, who have psychological difficulties related to their diabetes. Our service offers specialist psychological and emotional support to individuals focussed on the links between physical and emotional health.

Living with the constant demands of Diabetes can lead to many different feelings. We know that people with Diabetes are more likely to feel worried, anxious, low in mood and/or have difficulties around eating. It is normal to have times where it is difficult to cope with Diabetes or to stay motivated to manage it day to day. At those times it can be helpful to talk confidentially with someone trained in emotional well-being.

The Clinical Health Psychology Diabetes service offers assessments and ongoing psychological therapy with individuals on an outpatient basis. The starting point is an assessment to understand your situation and decide whether psychology sessions will be useful or there may be other services we can refer you to who better meet your needs. You can use the sessions to work on different ways of coping with the impact of Diabetes, or any other ways in which Diabetes affects your mood. We usually offer up to six sessions initially but can meet slightly more or less depending on your needs.

We also work in partnership with NHS Talking Therapies (formerly known as IAPT services), who have a role to support people with Long Term Conditions including Diabetes. Some patients will be referred to either NHS Kirklees Talking Therapies or VitaMinds Talking Therapy (Calderdale) services where this is the best option for their needs.

We also work as part of the Diabetes team, for example offering training and discussion of patients’ needs. So, we will be part of the care planning for some patients who have not been referred to us. The goal is to ensure that for all patients of the team, both their physical and psychological/emotional needs are being considered within their routine care.

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2. Meet the team

Dr Catherine Wright, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered)

Secretary - Kirsty Sharp

Dr Stacey Boardman - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Claire Spence - Clinical Psychologist

3. What can you expect at your appointment?

On your first appointment you will meet with the psychologist to discuss the support you need. This appointment can be face-to-face or by video or telephone appointments if this is more suitable for you. We can also help arrange hospital transport, translators, and other specific requirements you may have to help you to attend and make use of the appointment.

This might be your first time talking to someone about your feelings. We understand that this can feel daunting. We will make sure to go at your own pace to enable you to feel comfortable.
During the assessment we will ask questions about areas such as your emotional wellbeing, physical health, employment, and your family/friends. After we have met with you, we usually write a letter summarising our discussion and the outcome of the assessment. We ask for your consent to copy in your GP and the person that referred you to our service.

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4. Where will the adult diabetes psychology service be offered?

Appointments are available at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital. We can also offer telephone appointments and remote video appointments using our secure service. We will try to offer you a choice and will discuss this with you by telephone when we arrange your first appointment.

5. How can you be referred to the service?

If you are a resident in Huddersfield and receiving support from the Diabetes team at CHFT, you can discuss a referral to our service with your nurse/doctor/other healthcare professional. If your referral is accepted, you will be sent an opt-in letter. You then have three weeks to respond with your decision to opt-in. If you opt-in you will be added to our waiting list, and we will be in touch to arrange your first session.

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6. Contact Us

Our secretary can be reached on 01422 222058 Monday to Friday between 8:30am-4pm.

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7. Useful links and additional information

NHS Talking Therapies, for low mood, worry or trauma including living with long term conditions:



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