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1. Anaesthesia  
The anaesthetics department provides care for emergency and elective patients who will be having some form of surgery, are in labour, are in the intensive care unit or are in the accident…  
2. Palliative and End of Life Care  
Many people are not keen to think about the end of their lives, but it is as important to get this part of our lives right as any other.  Each year in England and Wales 500, 000 people will…  
3. Current Research  
Anaesthesia POPPY:  Patient reported outcomes, postoperative pain and pain relief after day case surgery Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Marcus Beadle Cardiovasular EVAREST: The use of…  
4. Elections to the Council of Governors 2024  
The nominations window for our governor elections has now closed. Ballot forms will be sent out by e-mail or post on 7 June to any members who live in a constituency where there is a contested…  
5. Children's Oncology  
To help ensure optimal diagnosis and management of children and young people with febrile neutropaenia presenting to Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit (POSCUs), including intravenous and…  
6. Family History /Genetics  
Assessing your breast cancer risk Managing your risk  
7. Benign Breast Conditions  
Breast Cysts Fibroadenoma Breast Calcifications Fat Necrosis Duct Ectasia Intraductal Papilloma Sclerosing lesions of the breast Benign phyllodes tumour Gynaecomastia  
8. Breast Surgery information pack  
Financial Support for People affected by cancer - information for patients and carers Clinical Nurse Specialists and the Multi-disciplinary Team Exercises after breast cancer surgery Reducing the…  
9. Different Types of Breast Cancer  
Padget's disease of the breast Mucinous Breast cancer Tubular Breast Cancer Medullary Breast Cancer Inflammatory Breast Cancer Lobular Neoplasia  
10. Patient information  
Managing the late effects of breast cancer treatment Living the lymphoedema after breast cancer Menopausal symptoms and breast cancer Reducing the risk of lymphoedema Bone health - after breast…  
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