e-Referral Services

Free Choice

Was introduced in April 2008 for all patients who require an elective referral.  Patients can choose to 
be treated by any provider that meets NHS eligibility criteria.  This means that wherever you live in 
England you can choose to attend CHFT for your treatment if we offer the service you require.

e-Referral Services

e-Referral is an electronic booking service that allows you to book the time and date of your 
first outpatient appointment.  The majority of first outpatient appointments at CHFT can be booked 
at your GP Surgery (if they offer the service), via the Telephone Appointment Line on 0345 608 8888 
or on line at www.healthspace.nhs.uk

The e-Referral Service is all about providing a better experience for the patient, designed so that patients will be able to fit their hospital appointment in with their life, not the other way round.

Manual Bookings

Depending upon the service you are being referred for, GPs will aim to offer choice electronically, or 
verbally if the service is not available on e-Referral. If a referral is not sent electronically, we 
at CHFT would contact you with an appointment date and time.

Further Information

Patients and staff can find out more about e-Referral by visiting: www.nhs.uk/referral alternatively, patients can find additional information and compare hospital services throughout England by going to www.nhs.uk