Preparing for emergencies

Hospitals are often at the centre of major incidents, whether it is a serious motorway accident, train 
crash or widespread outbreak of illness – so it is essential we are prepared.

We have stringent plans in place to deal with these, or indeed any incident, which could affect our 
hospitals, such as a power cut. Our emergency planning officer is responsible for making sure that 
our major incident plans comply with best practice.

We have also adopted the principles outlined in the new British Standard BS25999 for business 
continuity management. The process will help protect our critical services and minimise the risk of 
disruption from hazards and threats, whilst protecting all employees and visitors.

This year we have also developed a pandemic flu policy with our partners so that we are prepared in 
the event of an outbreak.

We work very closely with partner organisations, such as primary care trusts, the ambulance service, 
police and local authorities, to ensure we have an integrated response to civil emergencies. All our 
emergency planning systems are tested regularly to ensure they are robust.

To find out more visit West Yorkshire Police help and advice on resilience