Quality Account

Quality Account

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust has a strong track record for delivering high quality and good value patient care.

It is always our duty to deliver the highest quality services to our patients by ensuring the most effective, safest possible and positive patient experience.

Our Trust Quality Strategy describes our responsibilities, approach, governance and systems to enable and promote quality across the trust whilst carrying out our business and planned service improvements.

Above everything, the Quality Strategy is about people. It describes our approach to ensure that we provide everyone with the care and compassion they need and enabling their voice to be heard.

Help us decide

Every year we draw up a list of healthcare areas which we as a healthcare community would like to improve upon. 

We ask our members to tell us what is important to them and these views, plus those of our patients and their families, help us to decide upon our improvement priorities. 

We focus on these priorities and at the end of every year our performance in these areas is measured.  The results of our progress are written up into our Quality Account and this Quality Account is published in the Trust’s annual report.

Thank you for your interest. Results have been collated for this year and available for viewing in the annual report.